Fix Incorrectly Flashed BIOS on CR-48 – Chrome OS is missing or damaged

If you tried flashing your BIOS on the CR-48 and totally disregarded the warnings about ensuring that you have removed the bottom casing and covered up the little square with electrical tape and now your CR-48 no longer boots, you’ve come to the right place. You will first need access to a functional computer running Linux.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. First download a developers build of Chrome OS for the CR-48. Unfortunately Todd Vierling removed all of his old builds EXCEPT THIS ONE.. ->
  2. Download the Chrome OS Image Creator – When writing the .bin image, be sure to have at least a 4 GB Flash Drive and click the “Local Image” button. (NO OTHER IMAGE WRITER WILL PROPERLY BURN THE DEVELOPERS BUILD FOR SOME REASON, tried dd, unetbootin, Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator, none worked.)
  3. Download a copy of the Luigi BIOS for the CR-48. This will give you a regular BIOS that will allow you to install ANY OS you want.
  4. With your freshly written USB drive, insert it in to a Linux box such as Ubuntu. It should automatically mount your C-ROOT and C-STATE volumes. Your easiest method for accessing this partition would be to open up a terminal as root, and go to the /media/C-ROOT folder or whatever your distribution auto mounts it under.
  5. Within that mounted folder as root, edit the usr/sbin/chromeos-install script. Replace the ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THIS FOLDER WITH THIS
    flashrom -w /home/chronos/cr48bios.bin
  6. Copy the cr48bios.bin file to the home/chronos folder.
  7. Properly unmount your flash drive.
  9. Turn on DEVELOPER MODE on your CR-48.
  10. Boot up your CR-48 and do not insert the USB Flash Drive until you see the error “Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged”.
  11. Let the recovery process finish completely. This will take up to 10 minutes or so. Remove the USB drive when it tells you to and feel free to shutdown the machine and reboot. You’ll now see an actual BIOS! By default, the Chrome OS build will boot. But feel free to install any OS you want thereafter.
If for any reason you have difficulties downloading any of the above files, I have zipped them all up in a 307 megabyte zip file which you can download here.
Good luck and let me know if you have any troubles. It took me forever to figure this out due to outdated information.

3 thoughts on “Fix Incorrectly Flashed BIOS on CR-48 – Chrome OS is missing or damaged

  1. If flashrom doesn’t allow you to flash the bios, you can force it by doing:

    sudo flashrom -w /pathtobin/cr48.bin -p internal:laptop=this_is_not_a_laptop

  2. Please help me please! I made the mistake of flashing the bios before removing bios protection and no bios repair guide are working for me. I have tried writing the image in windows, I have tried creating the repair bios under linux by editing the install script and copying the custom bios and nothing is working. I get the same error during recovery every single time:

    The recovery image cannot be varified.

    An unrecoverable error occurred during recover!
    Please try again or try a newer recovery image.

  3. Hey there Carson, can you tell me the exact steps you took so far?

    Each step is crucial. Especially putting some electrical tape over the write protection under the battery.

    Please let me know what you have done thus far and we’ll try to work it out. I’m sure what you have is still salvageable.


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