The Ultimate Microsoft Comeback – Surface

Each morning I check a variety of news sources to skim the headlines to find things of interest to me. I had to double-take when I read the numerous amount of headlines regarding the announcement of the Microsoft Surface. I said to myself, “Seriously? They’re going to actually release that big ass table computer?” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a tablet computer.┬áNot just any tablet either. A tablet you can actually use.

I’m sure the majority of us wouldn’t mind owning a tablet if you don’t already have one. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back on the couch, browse the web, check your emails, and play some Angry Birds? As much as I absolutely love Google Android tablets and despise Apple iPads, there has been a huge disconnect from the massive amount of PC users running Microsoft Windows on a daily basis. We all want a tablet and have felt the urge. But I feel that some of us have reserved feelings about spending so much money for just another meaningless device to have around the house.


For some odd reason I never put two and two together. I’ve always thought tablets were simply secondary devices, but as I was reading some of the latest articles, something clicked. I thought to myself, “Eureka! This device will be able to run all the software I enjoy and require!” The cold honest truth is that PC users are still the majority and they are all still running Microsoft Windows. Most people see a tablet like an iPad and realize that they have to use some kind of “alternative” to the software they normally use.

I’ve always been a strong supporter for the Open Source Software movement and will continue to do so. But even I appreciate the platform Microsoft has developed and stabilized over the past 3 decades so that individuals and businesses from around the world can establish a livelihood. So when I heard the news that Microsoft is not only releasing Windows 8 but also getting back in to the hardware market with a device they’ve made themselves, I was pretty pleased to hear about their comeback in to an Apple dominated tablet market.

I predict that PC users will flock to this new device especially if it performs as well as a regular desktop. Which I’m sure will be an easy possibility given the advancements of hardware like Ultrabooks. Just think. All of your software. All of your Steam games, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad++, Office, all ready to go on your new Surface tablet. Sounds pretty nice eh? It gets better.


I almost laughed when I read about the Stylus because it made me think back just a couple years ago when I was using the HTC Fuze smartphone. It was a funky little brick-shaped device that ran Windows mobile 6.x. The funny thing with Windows Mobile 6 and below is that it required a stylus for pretty much everything. This annoyed users to no end.

Fast forward a couple years later and tablets have “surfaced” left and right from all sorts of different manufacturers and they have pretty much depleted the need for a stylus. Just use your fingers! Unless you’re an artist, photographer, designer, or really anything that requires true precision. Microsoft has brought it back. Now that using a stylus is not a necessity, but more a precision tool, it has made me want this new Surface computer more than any tablet that exists today.


I’m excited to see how things turn out for Microsoft. I think bloggers and tech news sites get so overwhelmed with their own kind, they forget about the actual people using these things. Everyday people don’t care about specs, retina displays, GPUs, this, and that, they just want to use a device that works. And since at least 3/4 of those users have been using Microsoft products for the past couple decades, I’m sure they will find themselves right at home with the Surface. The tech specs such as the keyboard, material, and stylus, are just the icing on the cake.

Now if they only disabled that UEFI stuff I think us techies would be in good shape.

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